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What’s the worst thing about Personal Trainers or Coaches?

That there are so many that really don’t know what they are doing and finding the right one for you can be a minefield.

Go to any big commercial gym and you will see a PT board with about 20-30 trainers on

Female only Weight Training

Many commercial or budget gyms charge their Coaches or PTs upwards of £400 a month just to work there.  20-30 of these and you have a tidy little sum coming in each month.  Is this giving you greater choice or making more money for them as a priority?

All Ministry coaches are experts in their area and ALL can deliver workouts and plans to help you get fit and lose bodyfat.

This page is still under construction.  If you would like to contact any of the Coaches please email the gym direct

Tom Blackman
Performance Nutrition Consultant
Lee Bohin
Physique and Physical Fitness Coach
Daniel Davies
Powerlifting and Strength Coach
Ashley Knight
Physical Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Shelly Ford
Physical Fitness and Motivation Coach
Albert Graham
Physical Fitness Coach
Vicky Macmahon
Biomechanics and Physical Fitness Specialist
Ricky Pow
Professional Boxing Athlete and Coach
Phoenix Rain
Sports Psychologist and Fitness Coach
Gina Small
Competition Coach and Nutritionist
Ryan Warner
Physical Fitness and Nutrition Coach
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