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The Ultimate Full Body Blast Workout

30 Minutes of MONSTER circuits

30 Minutes of intense SPIN

A true full body workout.

First tax your all muscles with the Monster weights circuit.

Develop more strength and shape to your physique.

Then finish the job with a 30 minute fat burning cardio workout 

Click on the pics to see videos for both classes

Please note that only 10 spin bikes are available for the second part of the session.
Participants are STRONGLY advised to book to prevent disappointment


The Fusion workout gives you the maximum benefit from your time

Weight training
To help shape and tone your muscles.
Get tighter/bigger Arms, Glutes, Legs, Shoulders

Intense Cardio
To burn a ton of calories
Creating a huge Fat Burning Stimulus

How does FUSION benefit you?

Weight training and especially HIIT training
Like in the MONSTER workout
Helps to liberate bodyfat
Due to the adrenalin that you produce
from intense training

The problem with normal HIIT training
is that it’s too short in duration
to actually utilise those fatty acids

So we give you a Spin workout afterwards
to help burn off any leftovers
But also it increases the calories burned
during the workout.

Ultimately fat loss comes from the greatest calorie deficit you can create in a day.

FUSION is truly a full body muscle and fat burning blast

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