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Welcome to Ministry of Fitness

We opened in 2010 with one goal in mind.

To be the absolute best place for people to train and get real results in Bristol

We were tired of big commercial gyms offering little in the way of customer service or a genuine personal experience.

They were only concerned about ramming as many people in through the door as possible to boost their profits.

They didn’t have our best interests as members at heart and we wanted to offer something totally different

Studio with tank

Lose Body Fat.  Build Lean Muscle

We want you to build and incredible body while improving your health and fitness.

So we’ve put our member’s money into the things that matter.

You won’t find saunas, plunge pools, or the latest fad gimmick machines that do NOTHING for improving your body.

Built for results

What you WILL find is the best training equipment, professional coaches and an atmosphere that is supportive and positive towards improving health and fitness.

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When you walk into Ministry you will immediately feel the atmosphere  generated by the wealth of experience and motivation of our members and staff, some of which are professional or competing athletes in their sport.

If you need help with your training or want to lose weight or increase muscle size we have the equipment and the knowledge to show you how

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