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Supportive Community – Expert Coaches – Huge range of Equipment

Welcome to the Ministry of Fitness

Since we opened in 2010 we have made it our goal to be the best gym in Bristol.  Our members come for results and we provide the help and support to deliver that expectation

Since our opening we have reinvested much of the profits generated back into the gym.  We now host 6 unique training environments for members and guests.

Our PTs are all experts in their field and most are former or competing athletes, they have got the T shirt. They know how to push their clients hard and get the best results.

Our Nutritionists are fully qualified and certified nutrition specialists so that you know your diet will be professionally managed without gimmicks and unnecessary restrictions.

When you walk into Ministry you will immediately feel the atmosphere  generated by the wealth of experience and motivation of our members some of which are professional or competing athletes in their sport.

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Results Driven Coaching

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Due to the owners constantly reinvesting profits from the gym back into the business the gym has continually updated its equipment and as a result some images on the site consequently may show old locations of equipment.  


To see more of the images from the gym and most of all the most recent new equipment please follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts

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