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Try Us for a Week Free

We are so confident that you’ll love Ministry that we will give you a week of completely free membership to try us out.

Other gyms will give you 1 or 3 free days then push a hard sell on you to sign up for a year.   They hope that you won’t pick up on the fact that they are incredibly busy at peak times or that they don’t have that piece of kit you need for legs.

Not us.

We want you to come for a full week so you can see us at all the times you want to train and make sure that the gym is right for you.

Gym Floor Balcony

Get your week free membership now

Register for a free membership account, it takes 2 minutes.

Once registered simply activate your free week by visiting the gym

Our friendly staff will activate it for you on the day so that you don’t miss out on any of your 7 days

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