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You do not need a contract to train at Ministry. 

You can pay per day if you wish or per month.

We are due to reopen on 12th April, memberships will be available for purchase from 2nd April

Full Access Membership


Full access to gym
Monster Classes
Spin Classes
Cancel anytime
Direct Debit only

Day Pass (10th April)

£8Per day
Full access to gym for one day
Classes for the day included
Come as many times in the day as you want


Full gym membership
Freeze if you are away for longer than 2 weeks
Save £81 compared to Gold 40
Only 100 available

Legal Shizzle – please read

  • All memberships give you full access to the gym with most classes being included in your membership price. However, some classes may be of extra charge due to them being of private hire.
  • All new members may be required to pay a £10 joining fee.
  • Off peak hours are Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and all day on weekends. Off peak members may train at peak times for a £1 day fee.  *Due to COVID we are currently not operating off peak memberships.
  • Contracts require a 12 month commitment and will be pursued for non payment. Ministry will cancel your contract if you no longer wish to train here but you MUST email us to let us know.  If you just stop paying then you will be pursued by our debt collection agency.  We will require one months notice payment to action this.  We feel this is a fair arrangement for use and our customers.
  • If you wish to cancel a contract or Direct Debit membership it is YOUR responsibility to inform the gym in writing which can be done ONLY by email . If you do not get a response then you must assume your email has not been received.  The excuse of ‘I told someone on reception’ will not be valid.
  • If you do not have an active membership then you must buy a day pass to train that day.  Regardless of how long you’ve been a member.
  • The gym has a credit system for members to add money to and this can be used to add credit to your account if you forget your wallet/cards.   We do not give credit and don’t get upset if we refuse your offer to ‘pay next time’
  • No membership no training.  “I know Curtis or Tom so I’ll pay next time” blaggers will be laughed out of the building by staff.
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