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Ministry Members In Action On Stage

Ministry members in action on stage

Its been a busy few weeks for Ministry competing members

Masters Physique competitor Graeme Dawes took second in the Masters Physique at the UKBFF Welsh on 2nd September.  Pictured here in grey shorts

Ministry PT Hanna Baxter competing in her first ever show took third place in the Masters Bikini at the UKBFF Leeds on 20th August

Jo Clevely went into a show early and despite being put in the wrong class held it with the more muscled guys and took second and third place in 2 separate classes.  Jo has also worked hard in the last few months to address a LDL cholesterol issue which threatened his health and he has now turned it around and is the healthiest he has ever been.

Ministry PT Lee Bohin entered the physique class at the UKBFF Welsh on 2nd September and narrowly missed out on a top 3 place despite looking chiseled.

Jed Kendal entered the u80kg class at the UKBFF Welsh on 2nd September and placed 3rd

Great to see so many awesome physiques being crafted at Ministry and the hard work paying off at the competitions.


Well done to everyone.

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