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Membership changes in January


Over the next 5 years we want to make the following improvements to the gym to benefit your training environment


  • Refurbish the changing rooms to lay new floors, improve the showers fit new mirrors and improve drainage.
  • New floor for the studio so that there will be a permanent hard floor which will allow seminars, presentations, different classes and a breakout area for training. We will still have mats that can be put down for martial arts
  • More spin bikes so that people don’t miss out on classes
  • New heating to be installed to make winter less of an issue for our regular committed members
  • New equipment for Unit 2 including a new rower, more bags, balls, sandbags and other equipment to enhance the HIT CLASSES and personal training facilities
  • Update and replace the old cardio kit with new cardio kit
  • Update the older machines in the main gym with newer equipment
  • More bars, weight plates and attachments
  • Extension of the mezzanine floor (planning permitting)


This will not be possible at our current membership prices.


We have held the membership prices for 5 years but now we need to raise them in order to deliver an even better service and training experience for our members.


We have always said that we never want to be a gym that overcrowds and oversells memberships so that the member’s training experience is impacted.


Therefore, to make sure that we keep an exclusive atmosphere of dedicated and committed members we would prefer to raise prices rather than focus on cheap selling to the masses.


5 years ago we raised prices to allow us to provide an extra £40,000 worth of equipment, we delivered on that promise and have since spent another £30,000 on renovations and new kit.


You can see the first stages of the equipment renovation with the new cable crossovers, cardio equipment and rower already purchased.  This will continue into 2020.


Of course, I understand that some people may wish to leave due to the price rise. While this is unfortunate it is something that cannot be avoided.  We have never competed on price, we have always been driven to give our members the absolute best gym we can.  If we did not raise prices the gym and its atmosphere would suffer.


Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to delivering the improvements to your gym and giving you an incredible gym experience.


You can contact me to discuss your membership at or 01179353414


Tom Blackman


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